blog - CSA Z1600 Emergency and Continuity Management Program Standard<div><p>In 2014, the second edition of the <em>CSA Z1600 Emergency and continuity management program standard</em> was published.  The Standard sets out requirements for a continual improvement process to develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate an emergency and continuity program that addresses the functions of prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response,…</p></div>William MacKayThu, 19 Mar 2015 15:59:08 -0400 / TC - 292 Standards Development<div><p>The ISO / TC - 292 technical committee was held in Morioka Japan on March 9 - 13, 2015. I attended the meeting as a member of the Canadian delegaation. The picture below is of one of the plenary meeting sessions. </p> <p><img id="024e2f91-a5eb-4688-816c-4f5672094777" src="" alt="DSC00530.jpg" width="450" height="300" style="border: 0px; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"></p> <p>Here is a <a href="" target="_self">link to a web page which that is dedicated to sharing information about the work of the ISO / TC 292 technical committee. </a></p> …</div>William MacKayFri, 13 Mar 2015 23:11:13 -0400 Benefits of Standards for Emergency Management<div>My experience in developing plans and programs to prevent and respond to emergencies date back to the mid 1970's. At the time I was working for Imperial Oil and the plans mainly focused on preventing and responding to spills at petroleum bulk plants as well as truck, rail and marine transportation spills. There were no specific standards for the…</div>William MacKaySat, 07 Mar 2015 08:46:06 -0500 End of an Era - Godbye to PTSC-Online<div><p>My company was pleased to a founding sponsor of PTSC-Online and it was a pleasure working with Fire Chief Donald F. Warden - then Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, Edward Myers (Frontline Security), Patrice Cloutier (Government of Ontario), Christel Ivanyshyn (Perth County Emergency Management and OAEM) and others who…</p></div>William MacKayThu, 08 Jan 2015 12:19:55 -0500 in On-Line Networking and Collaboration Tools<div><p><a href="" target="_self">IGLOO Software</a> is a Kitchener based company which excells and providing on line community solutions for networking within organizations and with the public. As MacKay Emergency Management Consulting Inc. has a partner agreement with IGLOO I am periodically able to participate in webinars which announce new features which will be implemented in the…</p></div>William MacKayMon, 15 Dec 2014 11:29:04 -0500 with Social Media During an Emergency<div>If you have interest in this topic, I encourage you to visit the <a href="" target="_self">CanVOST space</a> within the Partnerships Toward Safer Communities - Online community <a href="" target="_self">(PTSC-Online) </a>. If dealing with social media during an emergency is one of your responsibilities, I encourage you to not only take a look, but consider joining CanVOST where you can contribute to their…</div>William MacKayFri, 21 Nov 2014 13:48:39 -0500 Our Contact Databases and Calendars<div><p>Over the years I have accumulated a database of over 3000 contacts.  They have resided in a number of progams and each had it advantages and disadvantages.  </p> <p>For several years my contacts resided in <a href="" unsafe.unsafe="" unsafe.mce_href="">Sage Act</a> a contact management system which worked well, especially when I needed to synchronize a sub set of my contacts with another organization.…</p></div>William MacKayFri, 10 Aug 2012 16:57:53 -0400 Technologies - New Opportunities - ePublishing<div><p><strong>iBooks Textbooks</strong> - On January 19th an Apple press release stated:</p> <p>"Apple® today announced iBooks® 2 for iPad®, featuring iBooks textbooks, an entirely new kind of textbook that's dynamic, engaging and truly interactive. iBooks textbooks offer iPad users gorgeous, fullscreen textbooks with interactive animations, diagrams, photos, videos,…</p></div>William MacKayThu, 02 Feb 2012 10:06:52 -0500 Ahead to 2012 and the Opportunities it Holds<div><p>As family circumstances make it more difficult to be away from home, our focus throughout the past year and in 2012 will be to work on line. Some may see this as a disadvantage but see it as an opportunity. This situation provides an opportunity for myself and an opportunity to help others.</p> <p>I keep in contact with emergency management and business…</p></div>William MacKayWed, 28 Dec 2011 14:57:27 -0500 Greetings from Bill & Brenda<div><p>Here is our 2011 family photo and a picture of our home decorated for Christmas. I unfortunately missed getting a picture on the couple of days we had snow. We have been blessed with a loving and talented family and great friends for which we are very thankful. </p> <p>Greetings to those with whom we have worked in person and a special greeting to those…</p></div>William MacKayThu, 22 Dec 2011 19:26:18 -0500