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This is an opportunity to provide input to the next edition of the CSA Z1600 emergency and continuity management program standard. It is also an opportunity to view the standard on line.

I recently attended an International Standards Organization week long technical committee meeting in Morioka Japan which was focused on developing standards related to emergency and continuity management. I left impressed with the level of dedication and effort which is being put into standards development at the international level.

The task of developing and evaluating programs and plans to help prevent and respond to emergency incidents has become much easier with the advent of standards. My next few articles will provide some information on standards for emergency and continuity management programs and new developments regarding standards.

Partnerships Toward Safer Communities Online (PTSC-Online) a virtual on line community founded to encourage improvements in Canadian emergency and continuity management and critical infrastructure programs will cease operation today. The vision for creating the on line community was sound, the technology worked well and the community achieved Canada wide membership. A few members used it very effectively, but unfortunately most did not and unless used, it can not continue to exist.

Congratulations to IGLOO Software on the enhancements they plan to implement in 2015. I have designed and worked with IGLOO communities for several years and they just keep getting better and more powerful.

If you have been faced with the challenge of dealing with social media while managing response to a major emergency, you will appreciate the complexities of that task. I recently had the opportunity to assist with handling social media during an emergency exercise as a member of CanVOST (Canadian virtual operations support team) and I was very pleased with the results.

Sorry, I don't put enough emphasis on writing for my blog as higher priority items keep getting in the way. I do however want to share something that recently helped me with a challenge I tried to address several times and that is keeping my address books synchronized. I hope it might help you.

I said I was optimistic about 2012 and the new opportunities it will bring in my last blog and recent announcements by Apple Computer and a new App that was just released cause me to be even more optimistic. If you have a need to issue publications, instructional manuals or training materials you may be excited too.

Reflecting back on 2011, it was a good year for Mackay Emergency Management Consulting Inc. We supported upgrading the Canadian standard for emergency management and business continuity programs as a member of the CSA Z1600 technical committee and we helped emergency managers do more with less and adapt to a new and changing environment with on line networking. More importantly, we are enthusiastic about the opportunities that are before us in 2012.

Wishing each and every one a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012 New Year. May you have an enjoyable and meaningful time with family and friends as you reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

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