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William F. MacKay

Training - William F. MacKay

This section identifies training received by and provided by William F. MacKay.  The following categories summarize the training.  For additional details click on a category heading.

  • Emergency management / business continuity program development
    Training includes extensive work contributing to the development of the CSA standard for emergency management and business continuity programs, applying and assisting clients apply the CSA and other leading standards, evaluating programs using these standards and providing training regarding the standards.
  • Program evaluation, auditing and exercising 
    Training and experience includes conducting formal program assessments and developing and conducting tests and exercises for validation within a program. The formal assessment training includes assessing emergency management and business continuity programs, environmental and safety programs and internal and contract emergency response teams. Exercise training includes developing tests for a central emergency number and local, regional, national and international oil and chemical response organizations.

  •  Emergency response
    Training courses include response to oil and chemical on site and offsite transportation incidents by all modes of transport and to criminal / terrorist incidents. Experience involved providing training for emergency response and crisis management teams, implementation of an incident command system, experience as Incident Commander of a National Emergency Team and support of a certified marine oil spill response organization.

  •  Crisis management
    Crisis management capability has been developed through a combination of training and experience in setting up, maintaining and exercising oil and chemical industry crisis management teams and responding to actual incidents as a crisis management team member. Experience also includes providing training to Esso Chemical Canada, Imperial Oil and Exxon Chemical crisis management teams.

  • Other miscellaneous training
    Training and experience has provided an understanding about all modes of transportation having supervised truck, rail and marine distribution operations, aviation refueling operations and having acquired a class A-B-M-Z drivers license and private pilots license. Knowledge of communications has been acquired as a response team Incident Commander, experience with automated emergency notifications systems and obtaining an amateur radio operators license. Study of performance based training and experience in developing competency based training for emergency response and crisis management team members has provided valuable learning.

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