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We assist clients develop new or upgrade existing emergency management and business continuity programs. Our focus is on maximizing client involvement for efficiency, to facilitate knowledge transfer and for program effectiveness. We provide assistance where needed or recommend our associates or other professionals depending on the clients needs and program implementation schedule.

Program evaluation ranges from assisting clients select appropriate program evaluation tools to conduct a self assessment,  to conducting a thorough independent assessment of a program to applicable standards using appropriate protocols.

Program evaluation may also focus on evaluating specific aspects of an emergency management program such as plans, training, exercise program or communication and warning.

Our recommended aproach in most cases is to conduct an assessment of an existing emergency management program to identify strengths and gaps, prior to providing an estimate to help correct any identified deficiencies.  This approach works effectively even where there is no formal emergency management program in place, because most organizations have some systems and procedures in place that can be used within an emergency management program. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you develop or evaluate your emergency management program.

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