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Much of the work involved in developing and maintaining an emergency management and business continuity program involves communication and collaboration with key stakeholders including potentially affected individuals and groups. It also involves developing a knowledge base so information about the program, resources, past decisions are readily available. Our work over the past couple of years has focused on developing on line communities to facilitate communication and colaboration and to help ensure important knowledge / information is recorded and shared. Our emergency management and business continuity program experience enables us to develop communities to meet the specific needs of your program.

Our partner agreement with IGLOO Software, a Kitchener based company and leading provider of on line communities has provided us with access to state of the art technology for building internal private or external on line communities. 

Why should I consider an IGLOO on line community?

  • Bringing the personnel involved with your program into an on line community helps them get to know each other which usually leads to better cooperation and productivity. Personalized member profiles help make this hapen.
  • Face to face meetings are important to develop relationships and conduct business but they are also time consuming and have scheduling challenges. On line communities enable their members to participate on their own schedule.

  • IGLO on line communities provide a comprehesive set of collaborative tools for content management, collaboration and knowledge sharing within a secure social platform. Click here for more features.

What are the next steps?

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