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Training - to meet specific program requirements

To meet current standards, an organization must implement and maintain competency based training and education to support their emergency management and business continuity program. Our approach focuses on providing training and other learning options to enable personnel to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, maintain and operate the organizaton's emergency management and business continuity program. Training options are slelected to develop the necessary skills while minimizing the time and effort required by management and employees. Key steps in the training process are:

  • Identify competencies required for personnel with assigned reponsibilities within the program
  • Work with personnel to identify individual competency gaps
  • Develop learning options to address competency gaps
  • Develop personalized capability development plans which normally involve a combination of group training and other individual learning options
Where training involves personnel in different geographic locations technologies such as web meetings, on line training and on line communities can be used to facilitate delivery of training in the most efficient manner.  These technologies are described in more detail in the technology section.


Training - general emergency management and specific subjects

General training on the requirements of an emergency management and business continuity program can be provided using the CSA Z1600 emergency management and business continuity program standard. W.F. MacKay is a member of the CSA Z1600 technical committee and a CSA trainer.

Training can be proviced on the following subjects in addition to the custom training program development and general emergency management training described above. For additional information on the subjects listed below click on the links.

Training can be provided in a classroom setting or as interactive on line training. Please contact us to discuss a training solution to meet your specific needs.

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